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A wide range of engineering application

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Physics based computer graphics

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Numerical modeling of industrial processes

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Advanced multi-physics simulations


2nd Int. Symposium on Computational Particle Technology (Dec 2018)
SPTJ Autumn meeting 2018 (Nov 2018)
AIChE 2018 Annual Meeting (Oct 2018)
Short Visit UK Universities 2018 (Oct 2018)
Short Visit to NCEPU 2018 in Beijing (Sept 2018)
SCEJ2018 Autumn Meeting in Kagoshima (Sept 2018)
SPTJ Symposium 2018 in Tokyo (Sept 2018)
ICCM2018 in Rome (Aug 2018)
WCCM2018 in New York & Seminar in Ratgers Univ (July 2018)
ICCCI2018 & APPIE Symposium in Kurashiki (July 2018)
IPNF2018 in Germany (June 2018)
SPTJ Spring Meeting in Kyoto (May 2018)
WCPT2018 in Orlando (April 2018)
AESJ2018 Spring Meeting in Osaka (Mar 2018)
SCEJ2018 Spring meeting in Kansai Univ (Mar 2018)
Dalian University of Technology (Jan 2018)


FB23 in Hamamatsu (Dec 2017)
AIChE2017 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis (Oct 2017)
SPTJ 2017 Autumn meeting in Osaka (Oct 2017)
SCEJ 2017 Autumn meeting in Nagoya (Sept 2017)
AESJ in Sapporo (Sept 2017)
Short Visit to Surrey University (Sept 2017)
ICePTi2017 in Indonesia (Aug 2017)
ICCM2017 in Guilin (July 2017)
MMPE2017 in Toyama (May 2017)
4th Japanese-German Workshop on Computational Mechanics (Mar 2017)


ISMF2016 in Chengdu (Dec 2016)
PGBSIA2016 in Jaipur (Dec 2016)
SCEJ in Fukushima (Nov 2016)
Short visit in London (Nov 2016)
Short visit in BASF (Sept 2016)
SCEJ2016 Autumn in Tokushima (Sept 2016)
JSMF2016 in Kyoto (Aug 2016)
DEM7 in Dalian (Aug 2016)
WCCM in Seoul (July 2016)
SCEJ Spring Meeting in Osaka (Mar 2016)
SWW2016 in Dallas (Feb 2016)


The 21st SCEJ Symposium on Fluidization & Particle Processing (Dec 2015)
ASNFC2015 in Tokyo (Dec 2015)
SCEJ in Gunma (Nov 2015)
3rd Symposium on Advanced Multiphase flow Science and Technology (Nov 2015)
NEPTIS-24 in Tokyo (Oct 2015)
SPTJ 2015 Autumn meeting in Osaka (Oct 2015)
KIT Nuclear Vitrification Workshop in KIT (Sept 2015)
APT2015 in Seoul (Sept 2015)
JSMF2015 in Kochi (Aug 2015)
ICCM2015 in Auckland (Jul 2015)
EuPAT7 in Graz (May 2015)
CHoPS2015 in Tel Aviv (May 2015)
Semminar in Surrey Univ. (May 2015)
SCEJ 2015 in Tokyo (Mar 2015)


FB20 in Okayama (Dec 2014)
SCEJ in Niigata (Nov 2014)
Joint workshop in Xi'an (Oct 2014)
MMPE 2014 in Hanburg (Sept 2014)
SCEJ 2014 Autumn meeting in Fukuoka (Sept 2014)
JSMF2014 in Sapporo (Aug 2014)
WCPT7 in Beijing (May 2014)
Graduation ceremony (Mar 2014)
SCEJ 2014 in Gifu (Mar 2014)
NEPTIS-22 in Tokyo (Feb 2014)


APCOM2013 in Singapore (Dec 2013)
AIChE Annual meeting 2013 in SF (Nov 2013)
Short stay in the Imperial College London (Aug 2013)
Symposium on Multi-phase flow 2013 in Nagano (Aug 2013)
6th International Conference on DEMs in Colorado (Aug 2013)
2nd Petascale Particle Simulation Symposium in Beijin (Jul 2013)
Meeting in the ICL (Mar 2013)
Awardees in the graduation (Mar 2013)
SCEJ in Osaka (Mar 2013)


AIChE2012 in Pittsburgh (Nov 2012)
AESJ in Hiroshima (Sept 2012)
APT2012 in Singapore (Jul 2012)
APCChE2012 in Singapore (Feb 2012)